About Us

Vemacparma Srl

A 40-year business journey that two generations have wisely built.
From here begins the new Vemac Project, with the passionate pursuit of what is synonymous with service and dedication to customers. Young, enterprising and dynamic, Vemac is partner of the finest companies in the leather industry, Atom, Galli, Camoga. Thanks to this constructive and close collaboration Vemac, with its own structure, devotes itself to the development and penetration of the leather processing and cutting industry (composite materials, rubber, gaskets, foam).
The choice of winning strategies, the use of state-of-the-art equipment and profound knowledge of the markets, in particular the study of appropriate solutions, perfected and perfectly calibrated on specific customer requirements, has led Vemac to be recognized as a leading company over the years In the field of reference.

Our philosophy

I want to leave a few lines that can sum it up: every time I travel I am amazed at the admiration of foreigners for us Italians and for our beautiful country; Universally we are exalted for estro, inventiveness, taste, ability to follow customer, elegance, sympathy, ingenuity in mechanics and technology, determination; All the elements that tell us and that I want to be able to emerge in the products and service that we can offer.
Although small and modest, having products above normality helps to make Vemac and its services help our customer grow with us.

Massimo Setti